School Portrait

Developing each student's full potential is the school's main objective. Therefore from the very beginning Gustav-Heinemann-Gesamtschule
 has concentrated not only on academic achievements of the students but also on musical, artistic and creative work.

For that purpose the school has gained the support of outside institutions. So apart from learning to play instruments within the framework of the curriculum teachers of the Folkwang Music School in Essen join us in developing our students skills.

Our students gain important key qualifications like concentration, efficiency and creativity so that they can be successful in what they do. They foster their social abilities by cooperating with and being considerate towards their fellow students.

As a Europe School Gustav-Heinemann-Comprehensive School offers its students a wide range of foreign languages: English (with economics and politics being taught in English), French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Latin.

The school supports the student's professional orientation by organizing work experiences in years 9 and 11.